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Brad and Susan 1964

 I was  born in Omaha, NE. Dad played tenor sax and clarinet. His chops helped get him thru college and med school.  Our family moved to Tucson in 1955. Tucson was still a cowtown and needed a good surgeon. Dad joined TMC's Doctors Jazz Band. I loved listening to their music and started lessons on clarinet.  

 Susan and I courted in high school (PVHS).  I played in the marching and jazz bands and Susan was a song leader. We fell in love. It was the 60's and like many kids my age I learned guitar and played in some small bands. In 1966 I left Tucson to attend Northern AZ University.  I majored in psych, joined the NAU band and  immersed myself in their guitar picking folk scene.    

After graduating, Susan and I married and settled in Flagstaff.  We worked various jobs and I had fun playing in a local band called Dark Horse. After a couple of years we moved permanently  to Tucson.  We started a family and my life long career with Tucson Federal Credit Union.

Now in a new chapter of our lives we are enjoying making music for our community.

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