Most of my family is from Omaha. Mom met Dad in the early forties while auditioning as a vocalist.    He played sax in a swing band and it was love at first sight.  They got married, started a family and in the mid-fifties we moved to Arizona. Tucson needed a good surgeon and TMC's Doctors Band needed a good tenor sax man.  The jazz sounds of the Great American Song book filled my head early on.  I started playing clarinet in grade school.       

 I married the girl who lived down the street.  Susan came from a foreign service family who put down roots in Tucson. Her father, an avid bird watcher, wanted to retire in the Southwest to study the birds. We courted at Palo Verde High School.  She loved dancing and song leading and I played in the marching and jazz bands. It was the sixties, and like many kids I became enamored with the Beatles and started plunking on a guitar. Upon graduation I left home to attend Northern AZ University in Flagstaff.  I played in the NAU marching and concert bands and also became blissfully immersed in Flagstaff's guitar picking folk scene.     

After graduation, Susan and I married and moved to Flagstaff  for two wonderful carefree years.  We both worked odd jobs and I played in a local folk/rock band. Our last 3 months were spent tent camping across the country.  After this adventure we finally faced reality.  We needed to get real jobs, settle down and start our family.  We packed up and moved back to Tucson.  

Now, fast forward 45 years.  After a long and rewarding career with Tucson Federal Credit the kids are grown, Susan's still dancing and we love sharing our music with you!